Do Weighted Blankets Make You Hot?

Do Weighted Blankets Make You Hot?

If you are suffering from poor sleep, possibly caused by anxiety, a weighted therapy (aka, gravity) blanket can help you sleep at night. Research shows that this type of deep pressure is effective in relaxing the body.

But the idea of a weighted blanket for summer may be a concern. Are weighted blankets hot? Do weighted blankets make you hot? These are common questions, often from women,  especially those who live in a warm climate.

Others may wonder how the heavy blankets work in hot weather of the summer months. After all, you won’t want to wake up in a sweat!

People often search for a cooling weighted blanket, not a hot one. This is a common misconception about a weighted blanket. While these blankets are heavier than regular comforters, this does not mean the blankets are too hot.  

In fact, you can enjoy a weighted blanket even if you’re having hot flashes or are prone to overheating. Even if the temperature outside is very warm, you can still be comfortable with your weighted blanket.

A critical factor is the fabric covering the blanket. While flannel or fleece may feel soft to the touch, a weighted blanket created with these fabrics may create too much heat. That’s because those fibres are not natural fibres so the fabric doesn’t breathe well -- trapping body heat under the blanket. This isn’t ideal in summer, if you’re sensitive to heat, like to sleep at a certain temperature or suffer from night sweats.


Are Weighted Blankets Good for Hot Sleepers?

In short, yes they are! Anyone can use a weighted blanket. The best type of weighted blanket for hot sleepers are those that are breathable and not made out of synthetic materials, as mentioned above. You might also want to choose a blanket that is a bit lighter for use during the summer months.


Bearing all this in mind, even if you run hot at night you are still able to reap the benefits that weighted blankets offer. They may actually help you sleep better than you would if you didn’t have one, as weighted blankets are known to help treat sleep disorders like insomnia.

Best fabrics for a weighted blanket for hot sleepers

A soft comfortable fabric is essential for the external cover; the cover should also be machine washable, and durable.

Mela Comfort Original Weighted Blankets have a super soft and completely removable minky style cover that is included with the inner weighted section. We also stock a range of other luxurious and cooling covers that we sell separately. Please visit our online store if you would like to purchase an additional cover.

You can remove the exterior cover and still use the blanket to reduce the heat. The cover of the weighted inner section is 100% premium cotton, which is breathable, washable, and durable.

The Mela Eucalyptus Weighted Blanket might be the best weighted blanket for hot sleepers, as it is made from eucalyptus Tencel, a comfortable, breathable fibre that is cool to touch. It also wicks moisture from your skin and is easy to care for, with good durability.

Also, to stay cool in the heat of summer, we recommend lowering the room temperature by a few degrees, if you have air conditioning.


Staying cool while you sleep

We frequently get asked the question, “are weighted blankets warm?” Obviously they will add another layer on top of your duvet, so we advise taking some extra measures to ensure you remain cool while you sleep. By doing this, you can counteract the warming effects from a weighted blanket so you can sleep soundly and comfortably.  

If you have air conditioning in your bedroom, turn it down to a cooler temperature than usual to account for the extra warmth of the blanket. According to research, 20 degrees celsius is the optimal temperature for sleeping. If you don’t have the luxury of air conditioning, consider investing in a fan to add some extra cooling airflow.

The next step is to assess your mattress and bedding, as some are warmer than others. For example, memory foam mattresses tend to retain more heat than pocket sprung ones. If you sleep hot and have a memory foam mattress, you might benefit from switching to a more cooling alternative. 

The same goes for your bed sheets. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and satin aren’t breathable and can lead to night sweats. Whereas silk sheets are much better at regulating temperature and wick away moisture more effectively. Take a look at our range of silk bed sheet alternatives that provide the same benefits as silk, but are more eco and vegan friendly.

If you wear pyjamas to bed, you might want to look at what they're made out of too. Similarly to your bedsheets, certain fabrics can make you warmer and set you up for a bad night’s sleep. 

If you’re suffering from anxiety, you owe it to yourself

Give weighted blanket therapy a try. Don’t just assume the blanket will make you hot without first-hand experience. If overwhelming stress and anxiety are issues for you, you really owe it to yourself to see if this helps!

After all, research shows that weighted blanket therapy creates a type of physical connection that has an abundance of positive effects on hormones governing the nervous system, affecting both mood and stress level.

Oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, cortisol and melatonin hormones are increased whilst using a weighted blanket giving the weighted therapy blanket the grounding your body needs to calm. You will feel the sense of security that calms you down and reduces blood pressure, so the body relaxes. When melatonin hormones are released, the result is sleep.

Overall, the pressure of the weighted blanket provides a calming, soothing environment that is conducive to sleep, helping the anxious person get the rest they need.

Imagine getting a full night’s sleep easily, for the first time in a long time. Snuggling inside your new weighted blanket like you did as a child, feeling the security you needed to sleep deeply. It’s possible to drift into sleep swiftly, and stay asleep soundly, with a weighted therapy blanket :)